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Business consultants

The entire value chain must be checked, when one part of the business is changed and developed.

The understanding of the business consultants makes all the difference in the implementation, such as in the administrative system.  For example, new products also require insight into the accounting and administrative processing, for the solution to cover all aspects.

With a financial sector in constant development, legislation evermore resource consuming and the desire for greater digitalization and customer focus, it is important to tie together your business and the supporting IT systems. Only with dedicated business analysts can we ensure that your future IT solution lives up to, among other things:

  • •Lower costs for customer service, operation, management and development
  • •A standardized solution with best practice processes
  • •Faster time-to-market
  • •Quality customer experience
  • •Reduced complexity

Business consultants at FDC collaborate with our customers in the exploration of the business requirements for new initiatives or changes, and challenges are handled from the first contact until the complete business and organizational implementation.

Process-oriented thinking is the foundation of our method of working, coupled with a commercial approach, covering the entire value chain. This way of thinking – which has been developed in cooperation with our customers – means that we have designed and created solutions that tie together business and IT into a whole.

We use a thorough bottom-up analysis, where the business requirements are processed. The end result is a shared document in which the customer and FDC have approved the joint solution description.

The area of insurance and pension is affected by many factors:

  • •Changes in product mix or customer base as a result of market-driven competition on pricing structure and products. This calls for flexibility and parameter control in the administrative setup
  • •Consistent, balanced and current data for further processing and analysis
  • •Reporting to the authorities – an integral part of a well-functioning administrative system

Our business consultants are with you all the way. Alongside our client, we follow the development – at the forefront the day legislators decide on new measures.

Apart from specific tasks we participate also in sparring with our clients in other areas, for example product adjustments, flexible business processes and best practice.

Operation & Maintenance

From our many years of experience with the operation and maintenance of insurance systems, we know how important stability, safety and efficiency are for your core business. This is why you may expect high availability and stability of delivery, short response times and flexible capacity.

This entails, among other things:

  • •24/7 operation and an uptime of 99.5% on online systems
  • •2-center operation, mirroring both systems and data
  • •Ongoing optimizations, monitoring, adjustments and capacity on demand
  • •One-point of entry for urgent tasks (24-7) and ongoing tasks (8-16)

Our team of coordinators for customer contact, follow-up and reporting have solid procedures for tasks and processes (ITIL) – one task, one case, one bill (transparency). We always live up to agreements with customers – the agreed Service Level Agreements – and our highly skilled staff ensures a quick and uniform handling of incidents/operational issues. In addition, in the agreed-upon information structures (meetings, reporting, etc.), agile working methods (SCRUM) and Q&A’s are ensured through the procedures for starting, reviewing, testing and production.


FDC became part of Guidewire’s PartnerConnect in October 2015 and has thus, as the first insurance partner outside of North America, gained access to Guidewire’s InsuranceSuite platform.

FDC offers, among other things, to deliver the platform as a Software as a Service (SaaS), where we are in charge of installation and operation, and the client will instead buy access to the application as a service, settled on the basis of the number of users.

With a SaaS solution, FDC holds both the insurance industry expertise and the proven technical know-how of functionality, scalability and operational support.


FDC’s solution components are ready for service wherever needed.

The components of FDC’s solutions are developed from a basic idea of flexibility, so the client gets a low time-to-market for changes in the business model.

The principle behind FDC’s solution design is the Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), which controls the business functionality throughout the client’s processes. We leverage our base system efficiency and design with flexibility. It is our IT architects’ task to be at the forefront of the possibilities that technological developments offer and continuously integrate these possibilities into our solutions.

The components are highly configurable and allow the client to easily define the characteristics that reflect their products. They exhibit a number of services such as web services, which allow authorized users access to business functionality in the individual component.

It is possible to access these services from anywhere in the client’s own application portfolio, allowing for business support across sales channels.

FDC provides a dynamic web-based user interface which automatically reflects the configurations made to the components. There is usually no need for new code, when the client wishes to offer customers a new insurance product.



In the FDC, testing is a recognized and important part of all development. All test centers are rolled into one powerful department with skilled and experienced Test Managers, dedicated, expert testers as well as innovative technical testers whose main focus is to ensure the best quality in all client deliverables, both in Life & Pension and in Non-Life & Health.

The organization into a single department provides optimal conditions for learning and sparring, while employees may also work with improvements in all test phases.

The testing process in the FDC is based on ISTQB and TMAP, both recognized standards in the field of software development, within which we are, of course, certified.

We support testing in the traditional V-model with Test Managers, Tester and Technical testers, but also testing in agile teams. On the basis of a risk-based approach we ensure the best possible test coverage and strive always for a good dialogue and sparring with our clients.

We plan the overall testing effort on all tasks and may also support with various degrees of automation.