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F2100 (Life & Pension)

The standard system may be delivered as “Software as a Service”, operated by the FDC and tailored to each client’s needs.

Both private insurance, company insurance and occupational pensions are covered – in Norway defined benefit pensions and civil service pensions (ITP).
The system is scalable; there are now 3 clients with more than 500,000 insured each.


A wide range of products within savings, death and disability risk may be set up with extensive use of rates (no coding) and allows configuration within occupational pensions, company pensions and private pension schemes in Denmark and Norway.
Savings services may be established as guaranteed benefits, on commercial interest basis or as Unit Link.
With guaranteed benefits, the company retains the investment risk, and the insured gets guaranteed benefits with bonus attribution. F2100 can handle various interest levels in the same policy. The calculation is performed on the basis of “defined contribution” or “defined benefit”.
On commercial interest basis there is no interest rate guarantee, but the investment choices are made by the company.
Unit Link provides the insured individual with influence over the investment of pension contributions, choosing between a number of profiles. Typically the choice will be between a distribution of funds in equities and various types of bonds. High risk insurance is classified both individually and collectively.
The system calculates the forecasts in line with industry regulation.


The system covers all necessary case management with processes for:
• Creation of insured and policy cases
• Deposits and payouts, claims handling and retirement
• Amendment of insurance, investment (Unit Link) and deposits
• Repurchase, paid-up policy (dormant) and pension transfer
• Routing and management of cases for treatment in a call center solution.

Unit Link module:

The Unit Link module may be delivered as a separate solution for integration with other life and pension systems. F2100 Unit Link manages large retirement fortunes in Denmark and is the market’s most widely used and reliable standard solution. The insured gets to influence how pension contributions are invested and may even determine the share interest and investment funds.

In the add-on module we offer a number of additional services, such as data warehouse, fraud detection, reinsurance and the calculation and payment of commissions.

F2100 (Non-Life & Health)

The solution gives the employee a simple and quick overview of the customer and the customer’s history. And the emphasis is on efficient case management through the optimization of work processes. New products may be created by the insurance company’s super users without involvement of the FDC. Creation and modification of insurances and accident reports may be handled by the insurance customer himself via a self-service solution, or may be handled by desk officers in the FDC’s process-related user interface.

The many specialized functions include:

  • •Full management system with event, customer and policy treatment
  • •Automated claims handling, deposits and payouts
  • •Full self-service for customers and distribution channels through web-based portals
  • •Efficient communication platform and claims handling
  • •Data warehouse, financial management and management information
  • •Integration with CPR, DMR, the tax office, NETS, banks and many more